Client Case Studies

6215 E. Kellogg
Wichita, KS 67278

We have done business with Tax Adjustment Specialists for the last twenty years or so. They have been very successful in reducing our taxes many times over the years and also getting us refunds for taxes paid in prior years. They are all very professional and able to accomplish a lost with minimal needs from us. Feel free to call me if you have any specific questions.

Davis-Moore Auto Group
Michele Hill, Controller

600 South Holland Lane
Wichita, Ks.
Phone: 316-722-8730
Fax: 316-722-8732

I am the owner of multiple hotel/motel properties as well as other commercial buildings throughout Kansas and Oklahoma. I, like many of you , had tried to appeal my over assessed properties myself with little or no success.

Rhonda Ferb, of Tax Adjustment Specialists contacted me about allowing her company to review my properties - AT NO COST. If TAS's appraisers discovered that the County Appraiser's office was overtaxing me, her company would appeal my property on my behalf - only taking a percentage of what they could actually reduce my property taxes to; if they couldn't reduce the valuation, there would be no charge.

That first appeal occurred over 16 years ago. I now automatically forward all of my property tax notices to TAS for their review. Many times TAS reports that my properties' valuations are in line. They are very effective in property tax reduction compared to others I have tried.

I highly recommend TAS to any commercial property owner.

Jay Bhakta
Multi-property owner

Horizon Holding, Inc
A Burger King Franchise
Horizon Food Service, Inc.
6101 South 58th Street Suite B
Lincoln, Nebraska   68516

I have worked with Rhonda Ferb and Tax Adjustment Specialists since 1991. Rhonda and her team have provided valuable information and services to our company, saving us many dollars in both Real Estate and Personal Property Tax dollars.

Her team is knowledgeable about the Appeals Processes for Real Estate Taxes in Kansas and Nebraska. They have always done everything within their resources to obtain lower assessment values for our properties while maintaining their creditability with the various county officials. They present a professional and respected voice to the counties with which they work as well as with me.

Marsha K. Hurst
Vice President of Finance

Property Tax Bill

4155 E. Harry
Wichita, KS 67218

As a small businessman, I rely upon my CPA for all of our accounting needs. When Tax Adjustment Specialists (TAS) approached me, I thought, I doubt if they will find anything, but as long as it does not cost me anything, I will do it.

I was absolutely shocked when one month later TAS informed me they had found $25,000 over the last two years. With years 3-5 added, the refund would total $60-70,000. Sure, I said. I will believe it when I see it. Two weeks later we received a $25,000 refund check from the Sedgwick County Personal Property Tax Appraisal Board... It appears the total REALLY will be $60-$70,000.

Our CPA had made an h onest assumption but the laws had changed. It was an honest mistake, but if TAS had no found this error, the funds would have been gone forever.

It does not cost to let them review your records -- it pays.

Jerry Stanyer, Prior Owner

Scholfield Auto Plaza
11212 East Kellogg Drive
Wichita, KS 67207
Bev Wilkey, CFO

Scholfield Auto Plaza has used Tax Adjustment Specialists, Inc. for 15 years. The biggest saving for Scholfield came several years ago when an appeal when all the way to the supreme court. The court found in Scholfield's favor, and the dealership ended up saving... "They've saved us a lot of money over the last 15 years," Wilkey says. "They're worth their weight in gold."

--Wichita Business Journal
October 8

Hotel Motel Realty Service, Inc
Wichita, KS

Several years ago, as the owner of two large motel properties in Wichita, Kansas, I hired Tax Adjustment Specialists to review and appeal the real property taxes. The result was over $150,000 in refunds for the several years under review.

Since then, in my capacity as a real estate broker dealing exclusively with the hotel/motel properties and as a provider of accounting services for several motel properties, I am aware of at least 35 hotel/motel properties which have received over $1 MILLION in actual tax refunds because of the tremendous efforts and abilities of Tax Adjustment Specialists.

I have obviously been thoroughly pleased with their services - both in the tax appeal area and appraisal, and would highly recommend their service to any lodging facility. I sincerely think that Tax Adjustment Specialists. could be the most important cost-saving vendor any lodging facility could have.

Art Bailey, Former
Vice President & General Manager